Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So finally our sofa and love seat set sold this week, the young engaged couple are picking it up next Friday, thank goodness because I have family coming down from NY to visit tomorrow and where in the world would my 6'4 Father sit?
So they said "no problem, we're not in a hurry for it" they paid part of it because they didn't want us to sell it to anyone else.
Now I have to decide what to get. Too many decisions.
This sofa is a Klaussner, well made, durable, comfortable and it's still in great condition after seven years.
So we're trying to replace it with another very good sofa set and we're pleased with Klaussner.
Went yesterday and took pictures of sofa's at the local furniture store that also carry Broyhill, Lazy-Boy and another one that I can't remember right now.
So here are some I liked, now mind you the fabrics on them are optional

this is a Klaussner chair and ottoman, sold separately, why is a chair as expensive as a love seat?
This sofa goes with that chair and ottoman above, it's a very comfortable set and I thought maybe this fabric
Cream Micro Fiber (which the sales person said it's the second most durable fabric, after Leather)
So a cream sofa with the stripes and French Letter print as throw pillows.
Hubby says it's too muted but I told him we can throw in more colors with other pillows, greens and dark reds.
He prefers this fabric
Cream sofa with this two reds as throw pillows. I like it, but not sure if I want to go that red route again.
Just can't seem to decide.
But what do you think about this color sofa with the French Letter and stripes?
I did this on their website, I think it's too limey, so I would do a more subtle green, but again, I don't want to be limited.
We had a green set for seven years and I'm ready for a change,
more of  a neutral instead.
Then there's the Broyhill line which I liked their sofas the most but couldn't decide on fabrics didn't like the options
Sofa #1

Sofa and chair set, comfy.

Sofa #2

Don't let this one fool you, it's not Leather, it's micro suede.
That's the fabric that the sales person says is the second most durable.
For some reason it attracted me, not sure why, but it is so comfortable,
again I can choose any fabric and I found this 
Cream sofa with reds, greens and cream pillows, BUT it's similar to our present sofa, the pillows anyway, and it's more of a cottage, which I like but not sure if I want it again.

The Room Store
had some furniture I liked BUT you can't change the fabrics
Sofa #1

This one set you can change the furniture to a red or brown background with the throw pillows in the funky print
OK so this set, above, I really, really like. That chair in that funky print I'm not sure if I'd get tired of it after a year or so, but it has lots of colors, reds, browns, taupe and cream. I think it's a nice set but I've never bought furniture from this store so not sure how it holds up.
Sofa #2
I've wanted a sofa and Chaise for a long time now and I think this one is interchangeable, which means I can switch the chaise from one side to the other and that is hard to find.
The fabric I think is the Micro fiber or Suede, it's a darker cream and there is a matching chair  to it.
The pillows are a little too modern for me but that can be changed with other pillows.
Sofa #3
Or the ever popular white denim slipcover sofa which I think is a classic and probably will never go out of style.
I can change it up by throw pillows.
So you see my dilemma, too many options and I have to order.
But I'll wait until after next Friday just in case they change their mind and want their money back.
I am very picky as you can see because at the one store I only found one Klaussner set I liked
and only two Broyhill sets
and there was quite a bit there,
it's a commitment to make and it's a hard one to make.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

French Country Curtains

For a long time I have been eyeing this fabric by Waverly and now I want it.
I hate to spend the money on it, sew it up, hang it up and then our home sells.
Will I be able to use it in the next place?
Should I get extra just in case?
I don't know what to do, but I know I've always wanted this fabric and it would go so well in my living room.
It has the French Country color and style that I just love.
Decisions, decisions!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sofa Rejuvenation

OK, so we're back to this again!
I know, I know, trying to figure out what to do.
I've been trying to sell this set for awhile and had a buyer but she wanted so little for it, that I had to laugh, to myself, when she gave me her Best Offer.
So until I find a buyer for it, I am ready for a change and I was looking at some blogs and came across this beautiful site
Laurie who is incredibly talented did a remarkable thing with a friends sofa.
It went from this

to this
she makes amazing things with burlap fabric and look how beautiful it turned out.
She has inspired me to do this, but oh my, what a project I would have,
I not only have a love seat to do but a large deep seated couch.
I guess I would have to consider the price it would be to buy all that fabric, thread and time to make it to see if it would be worth it.
How pretty it would look though,