Friday, April 11, 2014

French Country Bedroom

I finally was able to get my bedroom done and
Summer-ize it!!!
Got rid of the heavy down comforter, which I do love on those cold winter nights,
but now the nights are warming a bit.
Since repainting our bedroom I'm able to use a quilt I purchased several years ago again.
Walls are a soft green, not a sage but close.
Quilt has green, yellow and red which are all my favorite colors and the colors of French Country décor.
The curtains are from Waverly, I bought them shortly after we moved into our last home, but couldn't use them in our current home since we have three windows now, so for two years I kept searching online for a third panel and I just about gave up and decided to check just one last time and Voila!!! I found the third one on Ebay!!!
Now I have to go and do my closet, pack up all those winter clothes finally and pull out my summer outfits, it's going to be 80 degrees here on Sunday!!!!