Friday, April 11, 2014

French Country Bedroom

I finally was able to get my bedroom done and
Summer-ize it!!!
Got rid of the heavy down comforter, which I do love on those cold winter nights,
but now the nights are warming a bit.
Since repainting our bedroom I'm able to use a quilt I purchased several years ago again.
Walls are a soft green, not a sage but close.
Quilt has green, yellow and red which are all my favorite colors and the colors of French Country décor.
The curtains are from Waverly, I bought them shortly after we moved into our last home, but couldn't use them in our current home since we have three windows now, so for two years I kept searching online for a third panel and I just about gave up and decided to check just one last time and Voila!!! I found the third one on Ebay!!!
Now I have to go and do my closet, pack up all those winter clothes finally and pull out my summer outfits, it's going to be 80 degrees here on Sunday!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Always Something New or Different

Every season I'm always doing something different to our home. I'm either rearranging furniture,
adding new decorative elements, or maybe even a new paint color.
The trick with this place is I am very limited on
rearranging furniture.
But I was able rearrange our living room furniture.
Better TV viewing and I feel a better flow as well.
So now I'm re-doing the decorative elements,
you know, where to hang the pictures now and how to arrange the wall art.
I want to hang our TV but before do that I want to make something that will hide it.
Since I don't a television an attractive wall art, that big black rectangular thing.
I saw a great one on Pinterest, I love that site!!
via Pinterest
What a great idea. I can either sew a pretty fabric or find a Tapestry piece to hang up.
And I saw this beautiful antique buffet on savvy southern style
What a beautiful piece, I love the scalloped details and the wire on the doors.
We have our TV sitting on an antique buffet as well
Can't see it too well but we bought this at a great price years ago and it has such pretty details but I can't bring myself to painting it. Maybe one day I will.
So as soon as I am done with the decorating I will post pictures of our new living room set up. This is the old set up you see above.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kichen Before & After

We have finally finished, well, kind of finished our kitchen remodel.
The only thing left to do is choose a back splash, which is proving to be very difficult.
At our last home, after our kitchen remodel, I could never decide on a back splash so it was never done, maybe the new homeowners did something.
So for this house, I plan on not letting that happen again,
if only I could decide.
The last homeowners had their version of a backsplash,
A high gloss bright blue!
Kitchen cabinets that looked like came from a doctor's office.
Appliances that if they worked were falling apart like that lovely dishwasher.
Stove and microwave were done for.
The refrigerator worked fine but was so disgusting I had to use bleach water to clean it so we could use it during our home remodel.
At least they had a theme, they tried to match by going with a blue and white theme
but it all had to go, even the window, it was original to the house so was not cost effective.
Now the after:
Below you can see the imperfections on the walls so I need to cover that with a backsplash
We also had to add a light over the sink they didn't have anything there

Picture below, they only had the refrigerator on this side so we added more cabinets for storage and to balance out the space 
Pantry had bi-fold doors that when you opened them there was a cow them contact paper all over the place, not so pretty so we removed the doors and the awkward placed shelves and put in wire shelving and I sewed this curtain to hide my collection of food, I originally left it opened and after so many
"wow you must like pumpkin" or "it's amazing how you have every can facing just the right way in here"
OK, enough of that time to hide my food 
Found this print on
And my overhead lighting, sorry its a little dark but I saw this at Lowe's and had to have it
Now that the major stuff is done, I have to decide on the one thing that will finish it completely.
Will I do tile or wainscoting,
just not sure?!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


We've been here now over a year, where does time go? I can't believe how busy it's been since we moved here.
Still doing projects, probably will be until the end of the year, and that's inside the house.
We still have our backyard to do yet, but the work that it needs will require a lot of time and money, so that'll be next spring most likely.
On the inside though, I was able to do my seasonal changes.
I love to change out curtains, pillows and bedding according to season.
For the Spring/Summer I chose to go with, blue's, tans, and some orange touches
Bought some fabric and made new curtains
Some new pillows from TJ Maxx and Marshall's, love those stores!
I don't know why it is when you take a picture and things look different through the lens?
Those pictures on the wall look lost, but in person they look fine. Don't like how it looks here, oh well.
I thought I would have to change out the pictures but it's amazing when I added the blue from the curtains, all of a sudden I could see the blue in the pictures.
Less money to spend, that was fine with me
Changed out the curtains here as well and the table cloth, lightens up the space for the summer, although I saw some fabric that I just love and I'm thinking of purchasing it and making curtains out of them for the dining room
The sheers above have embroidered flowers so it's not a plain white curtain.
Just little changes to the space makes a difference.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Plate Decor

Went there and decided to walk through the clearance aisle and found these fun plates.

I was thrilled to find them for $1.70 a piece. 
Fun, aren't they?