Tuesday, June 25, 2013


We've been here now over a year, where does time go? I can't believe how busy it's been since we moved here.
Still doing projects, probably will be until the end of the year, and that's inside the house.
We still have our backyard to do yet, but the work that it needs will require a lot of time and money, so that'll be next spring most likely.
On the inside though, I was able to do my seasonal changes.
I love to change out curtains, pillows and bedding according to season.
For the Spring/Summer I chose to go with, blue's, tans, and some orange touches
Bought some fabric and made new curtains
Some new pillows from TJ Maxx and Marshall's, love those stores!
I don't know why it is when you take a picture and things look different through the lens?
Those pictures on the wall look lost, but in person they look fine. Don't like how it looks here, oh well.
I thought I would have to change out the pictures but it's amazing when I added the blue from the curtains, all of a sudden I could see the blue in the pictures.
Less money to spend, that was fine with me
Changed out the curtains here as well and the table cloth, lightens up the space for the summer, although I saw some fabric that I just love and I'm thinking of purchasing it and making curtains out of them for the dining room
The sheers above have embroidered flowers so it's not a plain white curtain.
Just little changes to the space makes a difference.

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