Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Always Something New or Different

Every season I'm always doing something different to our home. I'm either rearranging furniture,
adding new decorative elements, or maybe even a new paint color.
The trick with this place is I am very limited on
rearranging furniture.
But I was able rearrange our living room furniture.
Better TV viewing and I feel a better flow as well.
So now I'm re-doing the decorative elements,
you know, where to hang the pictures now and how to arrange the wall art.
I want to hang our TV but before do that I want to make something that will hide it.
Since I don't a television an attractive wall art, that big black rectangular thing.
I saw a great one on Pinterest, I love that site!!
via Pinterest
What a great idea. I can either sew a pretty fabric or find a Tapestry piece to hang up.
And I saw this beautiful antique buffet on savvy southern style
What a beautiful piece, I love the scalloped details and the wire on the doors.
We have our TV sitting on an antique buffet as well
Can't see it too well but we bought this at a great price years ago and it has such pretty details but I can't bring myself to painting it. Maybe one day I will.
So as soon as I am done with the decorating I will post pictures of our new living room set up. This is the old set up you see above.

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