Monday, September 19, 2011

French Country Design

For some years now I've had a passion for French Country decorating!
It started with the purchase of our living room
Green and sage small print gingham with cranberry red
plaid throw pillows.
(the plaid pillows have worn out so I need to replace them)
It started my whole love of French Country Decor.
Now, I'm trying to decide what curtains to make for our living room.
In fact, I've outgrown some of my decor and am ready
for a fresh look.
I still love the greens, reds, yellows all the colors of French Decor,
but I want different fabrics. I saw this look and I just love it
(courtesy of HGTV)
I'm so drawn to those colors, reds, black gingham and toile.
I thought maybe I would change it up completely and go with
blues, grays and taupe's
but I fear as my mom said
I would get bored of it quickly,
plus, it would mean spending too much money to do a
complete remodel.
I like those colors above, but there's not punch of color.
So will I get bored,
She may be right.
This is my living room now
With Fall/Winter around the corner I will be changing the curtains.
I'm also ready for a new area rug,
what do you think?
I will be rearranging the furniture to face our gas fireplace
as well.
Of course, our house is on the market, one more month
so before I do anything major,
it will be small changes until we see what happens with the
sell of our home.
In the meantime, I will search French country Decor on google
and see what inspirations I find!


  1. ARLENE!!! HOW ARE YOU???????? LONG TIME NO SEE! I LOVE FRENCH COUNTRY. My home is French country/French flea market style with a lot of gray and crystals and warm and cozy! ENJOY YOUR MOVING AROUND of the furniture and the best of luck in moving!!! COME AGAIN! Anita

  2. Best of luck with your design changes. When you see the web full of grays and whites, it is so tempting to take on that color scheme and repaint your entire house, but I think you are smart to realize what YOU really like and what will please your eye. Your warm colors will reflect your warm heart and will welcome any guest. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog; I appreciate your visit!



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