Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sofa Rejuvenation

OK, so we're back to this again!
I know, I know, trying to figure out what to do.
I've been trying to sell this set for awhile and had a buyer but she wanted so little for it, that I had to laugh, to myself, when she gave me her Best Offer.
So until I find a buyer for it, I am ready for a change and I was looking at some blogs and came across this beautiful site
Laurie who is incredibly talented did a remarkable thing with a friends sofa.
It went from this

to this
she makes amazing things with burlap fabric and look how beautiful it turned out.
She has inspired me to do this, but oh my, what a project I would have,
I not only have a love seat to do but a large deep seated couch.
I guess I would have to consider the price it would be to buy all that fabric, thread and time to make it to see if it would be worth it.
How pretty it would look though,

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