Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Home for New Sofa

OK, honestly, this blog is not about my sofa although it seems to be.
Right now, this is a slow going blog.
We're in the middle of trying to find our next home, so we're in transition.
We're renting a small apartment, it's been four weeks now, and waiting to hear back if we have the house we put an offer on.
Short Sales are a nightmare, so if you're considering
going that route, you better not be in a hurry
for a home because you'll be waiting
a long time!
So, while we wait we are still house hunting and seeing if
maybe, just maybe, there's another house out there
that suits us just fine.
So, right now, we're trying to make our temporary
living arrangements
So, as you know, we sold our sofa and purchased a new one,
and it arrived after two weeks of living here

(I have a cover on the seats, we have cats so need to protect the furniture)
I love it!
It's from the Broyhill collection called "Cora", a little more than
what we wanted to spend but we made money off the sell
of our other sofa so that was a great help.
The pictures above the sofa

I found them at Marshall's (I love that store, a little too much) and the colors match our sofa perfectly.
So, when we finally move into our house, we'll need to purchase
a chair or chairs to go with our sofa.
I look forward to decorating our next house, all in
French Country,
hence, this blog!


  1. Thank you for coming by my blog, now I've found yours. BEst of luck on the new house, look forward to seeing all your decorating adventures!

  2. I can relate to cat-protective covers on furniture, plants, everything! But your sofa looks lovely though! I adore the cushions, especially the handwritten ones :)


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